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NEU Professionals Limited – a brief introduction

The Company was formed in 2013 with the specific aim to help support NHS Trusts with the permanent recruitment of nurses from the EU and further afield. Our key strategy focused on providing our clients with a premier level of service and an unparalleled attention to detail in all aspects of the recruitment process.

NEU quickly became a serious competitor to the ‘industry market leaders’ winning a number of contracts through formal ITT’s. The Directors and staff of NEU Professionals are very proud to support a number of NHS Acute and Community Trusts throughout the UK.


During 2015 NEU organised 20+ high volume recruitment events throughout the EU with additional visits being undertaken to nursing Universities to promote career opportunities for nursing staff within the UK. 

All of our candidates undertake a 3-stage recruitment process:

1)     Initial Skype interview to assess their verbal skills.

2)     NATs - NEU have designed and developed a highly secure online assessment testing system (NATs) to verify the candidates knowledge of the NMC / NHS guidelines and policies, as well as their written English. The testing system is very unique, comprehensive and far more advanced than any other form of testing/screening used by competitors. This is just one of the examples of our efficient and innovative approach.

3)     Interview with the potential employer.

Our average pass rate during EU recruitment events has been upwards of 85% with a very standard average of 45-50 candidates being interviewed over a 3-day period.

In preparation for the NMC changes, which took place in January 2016 we have developed our own learning pathway for IELTS 7.0 success (

Additionally, NEU have invested in an IELTS sponsorship programme ‘ONE STEP’ – an 8 week IELTS 7.0 course in the United Kingdom at one of the British Council accredited centres. Further details may be found on

In view of the above support, we believe that recruiting nurses from the EU will once again prove to be a successful route to source qualified nurses.



We are very pleased to also to offer our Clients the service of high volume recruitment of nurses from India and/or Philippines. NEU have trusted and local partners that ensure we operate in a fully compliant manner, respecting employment laws and World Health Organisation guidelines.

Recruiting from the overseas is deemed to be certain as the UK Home Secretary has lifted immigration restrictions by temporarily including Nurses on the ’shortage of occupation’ list. It is also seen as advantageous due to higher retention rates and having the opportunity to recruit only experienced nurses (in line with the NMC requirements).

A recent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report (July 2016) confirms that in excess of 80+ Trusts are looking to recruit from Overseas in the next 12 months. Those Trusts’ offering the most generous relocation packages are likely to succeed in attracting a reducing number of IELTS 7.0 ready nurses.



NEU Professionals Limited does not levy any charges or fees from the candidates, directly or indirectly. 


All Client recruitment enquiries should be directed to:

Edyta Whelton

Director of Operations


T: 07904 929 897

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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