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Introduction of NEU Professionals Limited

NEU Professionals Limited was awarded a place within the NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) and Crown Commercial Service under framework reference IR-HCA-2019-2877 Lot 1a Nursing & midwifery staff and is registered with NHS Employers.

Our Company was formed in 2013 with the specific aim to help support NHS trusts with the recruitment of nurses from the EU and further afield. NEU quickly became a serious competitor to the ‘industry market leaders’ winning many contracts through formal ITT’s. Over the last several years, the Directors and staff of NEU Professionals have been very proud to support a number of acute NHS trusts throughout the UK with the permanent recruitment of healthcare professionals.

The Directors of NEU have a professional financial background and always recommend the most economical solution to hiring nurses from overseas. We ensure that we offer and provide value for money at every stage of recruitment. Our key strategy focuses on providing our clients with a premier level of service and an unparalleled attention to detail in all aspects of the recruitment process. We know our recruitment fees are among the lowest available in the market place and our delivery and success rates among the highest. We keep our list of active clients small to ensure we are able to satisfy their demand in full rather than spreading nurses thinly to a large number of trusts.

NEU has extensive experience in organising and running of international recruitment campaigns with over 50+ successful events managed for clients such as Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, The Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and others. 

Our retention rates over the past three years are nearing 100%. NEU offers a 12-month refund guarantee, which has only ever been triggered once due to a nurse leaving employment. 

Sourcing countries

NEU at all times abides by the NHS Employers Code of Practice for international recruitment and WHO guidelines and does not actively recruit candidates from developing countries. We source our candidates from the following countries:


NEU’s recommendation is to focus strongly on recruitment of nurses from the UAE for the reasons given below:

  • Access to overseas (mainly Filipino & Indian) nurses who are often more experienced than those recruited locally in a specific sourcing country.
  • Having already relocated (to the Middle East) nurses are more ‘worldly’ and mature in their outlook. After 2/3 years working in the Middle East most nurses see the NHS/UK as a safe, rewarding environment in which to build career opportunities and set down roots for the future.
  • Their clinical skills are enhanced by being exposed to more than one healthcare system, which also makes them highly robust, versatile and flexible.
  • English language skills are enhanced and access to IELTS / OET courses is excellent.


Our company has significant profile in India and is highly regarded amongst candidates and professional and governing bodies within the healthcare industry. We have been conducting frequent ‘open/promotional days’ in support of our recruitment activities since June 2016, specifically focusing on Kerala region, Mangalore, Bangalore and Mumbai. We developed particularly close links with several nursing universities of Bangalore, all of whom are formally approved by the Karnataka Nursing Council. Without exception, nurses are taught and examined in English and typically their standard of English is at an advanced level and they are well prepared to sit and pass IELTS as OET is less known. 

The Philippines

Our most recent Philippines event took place in March 2017 for Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. With 154 job offers made the event was considered to have been very successful, but frustratingly 12 months on only 20 nurses (13%) have been deployed to the UK – we had expected to have at least 30/35 deployed. The reasons for the lack of numbers can best be summarised as follows:

  • The IELTS challenge proved too onerous (OET was not an acceptable evidence to the NMC at that point) and costly and only those with the financial support of their families were able to progress.
  • Recently, we have received written evidence from a very established Philippine agency (who hold a prestigious award of excellence from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) that over the last 5 years their on-going deployment rate has been 18% - a level confirmed by a number of NHS trusts with whom we have met. 

Our conversion and success rates increased somewhat since the introduction of OET by the NMC in November 2017. We anticipate that the NMC’s most recent amendment, dated 28th November 2018, of accepting IELTS written score of 6.5 (with all other components remaining at 7) will further uplift the deployment numbers. 

We maintain our presence in the Philippines and continue to source candidates from the country directly by a way of Skype interviews as no overseas recruitment event would be deemed financially viable given the above expected conversion rate. 


The Chinese Nursing Council expects to reach 20 million nurses in its register by 2020 of which only approximately 1% hold Bachelor of Nursing Degree. Still, a growing pool of 200,000 nurses is an attractive proposition and one NEU is excited to pursue, as we always look for innovative solutions to deliver to our clients.

In 2018 we have been able to establish a great new relationship with a government approved recruitment agency based in Beijing and the Chinese Nursing Council. Together, we are currently working on a pilot project of training carefully selected 50 nurses for OET exam. The training course is estimated to last 6 months (we are currently half way through) and is delivered in smaller groups to increase the attention given to candidates individually. We aim to arrange interviews for those candidates in September / October 2019 and hopefully see the first arrivals landing in the UK by March 2020. 

Singapore and Oman 

As in the case of the UAE, Singapore and Oman are an excellent hub for the recruitment of nurses into the UK as both countries attract a lot of international candidates, mainly of Filipino and Indian descent. The advantages of recruiting nurses from those countries mirror the ‘pro – UAE’ arguments and we plan to execute a number of exploratory trips to both countries to host ‘promotional / open days’ and develop a network of contact with the local regulators, associations, hospitals and universities. 


NEU Professionals Limited does not levy any charges or fees from the candidates, directly or indirectly.


Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust
Sussex Community NHS Trust
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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