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Welcome to NEU Professionals Limited

Our Company was formed in 2013 with the specific aim to help support NHS Trusts with the recruitment of nurses from the EU and overseas. Our key strategy focused on providing our clients with a premier level of service and an unparalleled attention to detail in all aspects of the recruitment process.

NEU quickly became a serious competitor to the ‘industry market leaders’ winning many contracts through formal ITT’s. Over the last five years, the Directors and staff of NEU Professionals have been very proud to support a number of acute NHS Trusts throughout the UK with the permanent recruitment of healthcare professionals.

Our USP has been to provide innovative solutions to on-going recruitment challenges and after winning a contract with Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT in July 2014, NEU deployed over 400 EU starters between 2015 > 2017 with a retention rate of 95%.

IELTS Introduction January 2016

With the introduction of IELTS English language testing for the EU registrants in January 2016 a sudden change in the recruitment of nurses took place. In July 2016, a report from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) confirmed that in excess of 80 Trusts were looking to recruit from overseas in the following 12 months. The recruitment of nurses from outside the EU was deemed to be certain given that the UK Home Secretary had lifted restrictions by including nurses on the Shortage Occupation List.

Subsequently, the recruitment of nurses from the EU continued to decline rapidly (due to language testing) resulting in a 90% drop in applicants, which was then exacerbated by the effect of Brexit in June 2017.

However, NEU has continued to support the arrival of selected qualified EU nurses who have joined specific IELTS and OET training courses offered by some NHS clients.

The move to overseas recruitment

In early 2016, NEU made arrangements to partner with overseas nurse providers to ensure that supply to our clients continued uninterrupted. NEU expanded operational territories to include, The Philippines, The Middle East and India. Our primary responsibility was to ensure that recruitment was undertaken in a fully compliant manner, respecting employment laws and World Health Organisation guidelines.

NEU undertook a number of highly successful nurse recruitment events in the Philippines, India and the UAE each resulting in hundreds of permanent job offers being made. 

We are now also under contract with a Chinese Government Agency supported by the Chinese Nursing Council to open career development opportunities for the Chinese nurses meeting the specific NMC criteria whilst expanding our portfolio of recruitment sources and being able to offer our clients further diversified workforce.

Additional changes to the NMC English language legislation, which took place on November 1st, 2017 (namely the inclusion of OET, exemption for candidates holding a recent diploma taught in English or candidates whose English is the first language) have had a hugely positive impact on the industry and our business too. We are now seeing a lot more candidates passing OET or qualifying for the “Route 2 – a recent qualification taught in English” and so our pipeline is increasing substantially and rapidly again.

We look forward to expanding our network of clients whilst also continuing to support our existing Trusts’ with the recruitment of qualified and experienced nurses from around the World.  


NEU Professionals Limited does not levy any charges or fees from the candidates, directly or indirectly.


Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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