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We have collected together a selection of websites from service providers covering shopping, finance (money), housing and transport - we hope you find the information helpful and if you would like to recommend a new website then please let us know!


Transport links ……………  
PastedGraphic-1.tiff PastedGraphic-3.tiff
PastedGraphic-4.tiff PastedGraphic-15.tiff
PastedGraphic-5.tiff PastedGraphic-6.tiff
PastedGraphic-9.tiff PastedGraphic-14.tiff                                                                             
Housing Links …….. 
PastedGraphic-8.tiff PastedGraphic-20.tiff
Shopping Links ……
PastedGraphic-11.tiff PastedGraphic-12.tiff
PastedGraphic-10.tiff PastedGraphic-13.tiff
PastedGraphic-16.tiff PastedGraphic-19.tiff
Finance (Money and tax Links)…..

PastedGraphic-18.tiff PastedGraphic-17.tiff
PastedGraphic-28.tiff PastedGraphic-24.tiff
PastedGraphic-26.tiff PastedGraphic-27.tiff


Full list of UK Banks on Wikipedia


Money exchange rates  

Disclaimer from NEU Professionals Limited
The websites shown are not in any way linked with NEU Professionals Limited and our Company is not paid in any respect to advertise any goods or services provided by the Companies listed. NEU take no responsibility arising from any transaction or negligence caused by using or purchasing services from the above Companies.
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
Orders of St Johns Care Trust
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Sussex Community NHS Trust

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